Day 1C: Cards in the Air

The third flight of the Capital Region Classic is now underway here in the Event Center. Day 1 buy in players will receive 25,000 in tournament chips for their $260 entry fee. This is an unlimited re-entry event and players can enter or re-enter until the start of level 15.

Players will also have the option to enter on Day 2 for $1,100 and will receive 100,000 in tournament chips. All late entries and re-entries will receive a full chip stack and any player that finishes more than one Day 1 flight will only be entitled to take the largest stack forward to Day 2.

Day 1 levels 1-12 will be 30 minutes each and Day levels 13+ will be 40 minutes. Any Day 1 flight ends immediately if 12% of the field is reached. Breaks of 10 minutes will be after levels 3,6,9,14,17,20,25,28,31,34 and 37. Dinner Break of 60 minutes will be on Day 2 after level 22. Redraws will occur prior to the start of Day 2 and when 27 and 10 players remain.

We will be bringing you all of the live action here on the Rivers Poker Blog throughout the event so stay tuned in for all of the live tournament updates.