Day 1E: Field Continues to Grow On Break

$260 CRC $100,000 GTD NLH
Level 3: Blinds 150/300/50ante
Total Capital Region Classic Enries: 391
Day 1A-D Players Remaining: 82
Total Day 1E Entries: 50

The Day 1E players are now on their first 10 minute break of the day. There are currently 50 Day 1E entries and counting as the Capital Region Classic field continues to grow. This brings the total number of entries to 391.

We are already inching closer to the $100,000 guarantee as there is now more than $84,000 in the prize pool and we are only in our fifth Day 1 flight. If May’s Capital Region Classic gives us any indication of what’s to come we should see a massive field tomorrow for the final two flights. Tournament registration and re-entry remain open until the start of level 15 so don’t miss your chance to get in on the action as the prize pool will only get bigger.