Day 1E: Shaughnessy Catches a Bluff

$260 CRC $100,000 GTD NLH
Level 7: Blinds 400/800/100 ante
Total Capital Region Classic Enries: 403

Day 1A-D Players Remaining: 82
Total Day 1E Entries: 62Mike Shaughnessy

Kevin Grabel raises to 1,600 and Mike Shaughnessy calls. The player in the big blind reraises to 2,800 and both Grabel and Shaughnessy call.

They go three handed to the 7♦️A♦️J♠️ flop and the big blind continues with a bet of 3,000. Grabel gets out of the way and Shaughnessy makes the call. They go heads up to the A♣️ turn and the big blind bets 6,000.

Shaughnessy again calls and the river is the 2♦️. The big blind fires a third bullet with a bet of 15,000 and Shaughnessy quickly calls. His opponent turns over Q♠️8♠️ for just queen high and Shaughnessy shows A♥️10♦️ for trip aces to take the pot.

Mike Shaughnessy- 80,000