Day 2: 11th Place- John Yanni ($2,136)

$260 Captital Region Classic NLH
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 25: 25,000/50,000/5,000
Total Entries: 665
Players Remaining: 10

John Yanni

The action folds to John Yanni in the small blind and he moves all in for about 600,000. Matt Pierce snap calls from the big blind and the hands are shown.

Pierce: Q♥️Q♣️
Yanni: A♠️10♦️

The dealer fans the 10♥️8♣️2♣️ flop and Yanni pairs his ten but will need to improve against the pocket queens of Pierce. The turn 5♣️ and river J♥️ are no help to Yanni and he is our 11th place finisher earning $2,136.

Matt Pierce- 3,025,000
John Yanni- Eliminated in 11th Place ($2,136)