$25K Rivers Blackjack Series

Guests who play at least 5+ rated hours at eligible table games during each weekly earning period will be invited to participate in a weekly Blackjack Tournament on Saturdays, February 2, 9 & 16, 2019 to win their share of $5,000 cash each week. The top 2 players each week, as well as 1 wild card will qualify to participate in the final round on Saturday, February 23, 2019, to claim their share of $10,000 cash.

Preliminary Rounds: Saturdays, February 2, 9, & 16, 2019 @ 1PM. Check-in 12PM – 12:55PM.

Final Round: Saturday, February 23, 2019 @ approx. 1PM (upon completion of Wild Card Drawings). Check-in 11AM – 12:45PM.

*Poker Room Excluded from promotion. Complete rules are available at the Rush Rewards Center.*’

Participants of the Final Round must check in at Van Slyck’s on Saturday, February 23, 2019 by 12:45PM to claim their spot. Guests who do not check in on time will forfeit their spot, and an additional wild card will be drawn to fill their spot. The wild card(s) will be drawn from all eligible guests who check in between 11AM – 12:45PM and place their entry ticket within the wild card drum on February 23, 2019. If a guest is drawn as a wild card who already earned a spot in the Final Round of the tournament, a new wild card will be drawn. Wild card winners must be present in Van Slyck’s to win, and must claim within 3 minutes or a new name will be drawn.

Rivers Blackjack Series


  1. Preliminary Rounds: The preliminary rounds will be held in Van Slyck’s on Saturdays, February 2, 9 & 16, 2019 starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. Eligible guests who played at least five (5) total rated hours during the designated week’s earning period must check-in between 12:00 p.m. EST and 12:55 p.m. EST on their respective tournament day.
    1. There will be four (4) tables with a maximum of six (6) players per table.
    2. A minimum of three (3) players will be required at each table. Rivers Casino & Resort reserves the right to relocate any players at tables with less than the required minimum or to balance the tables so that all tables are within a plus-or-minus one (1) player parameter. Tournament staff shall use reasonable efforts to attempt to uniformly distribute the number of players per table.
    3. Upon registration for the tournament, players will draw for their session table and seat position for the Preliminary Round. Each player will be issued a tournament slip that denotes their table and seat number which must be presented to tournament staff along with their Rush Rewards card for play. Each player is permitted only one (1) entry per Preliminary Round.
    4. A player is required to report to his/her assigned table at least five (5) minutes prior to his/her scheduled starting time. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the session time. If the player is late and play has started on that table, the player will be disqualified.
    5. Each player will be given ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in non-value tournament chips. The designated chips are for the sole use of that player to participate and cannot be given or transferred to another player.
    6. A player may withdraw at any time either prior to the start of play or once play has begun; however, he/she will be disqualified.
    7. Guests may enter as many of the weekly Preliminary Rounds as they qualify for during each week’s respective earning period, however guests may only earn one (1) seat in the Final Round. If one (1) or more of the top two (2) individual scorers of any Preliminary Round has already earned a seat in the Final Round, additional wildcard(s) will be drawn on the day of the Final Round to fill the missing seat(s).
    8. In each weekly Preliminary Round, the two (2) highest individual scores, for a total of six (6) players advance to the Final Round on Saturday, February 23, 2019. Tournament staff will record all scores after all qualifying tournament play has concluded. It is the Player’s responsibility to check his/her scores. The players with the top five (5) individual scores from each weekly Preliminary Round will split five thousand dollars ($5,000) cash.
      1. Prize Structure:

1st Place:  Two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) cash

2nd Place: One thousand dollars ($1,000) cash

3rd Place:  Seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) cash

4th Place:  Five hundred dollars ($500) cash

5th Place:  Two hundred fifty dollars ($250) cash

Total Prizes: Five thousand dollars ($5,000) cash

  1. Settlement of Ties: If there is a tie among Preliminary Round players for any of the cash prize levels or the two (2) Final Round seats awarded that week, a one (1)-hand “playoff” will be held for each set of tying players, with each receiving ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in non-value tournament chips to play with. All blackjack promotion rules will be followed. At the conclusion of the one (1)-hand playoff round, the player with the highest value of non-value tournament chips will be declared the winner of the designated prize.
  1. Wildcard Drawings: The Final Round on Saturday, February 23, 2019 will consist of one (1) table of the two (2) top individual scores from each weekly Preliminary Round, for a total of six (6) top scorers, and one (1) wildcard. In the event that one (1) or more of the six (6) weekly Preliminary Round winners do not check in for the Final Round by 12:45 p.m. EST, a Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady gaming-licensed team member will pull the required number of wildcards to fill the seats in the Final Round. The drawing will be conducted from the pool of eligible guests who checked in between 11:00 a.m. EST and 12:45 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 23, 2019.
    1. To qualify for the wildcard drawing(s), guests must have qualified for at least one (1) of the weekly Preliminary Rounds.
    2. Guests do not have to participate in a weekly Preliminary Round to qualify for the wildcard drawing(s). However, they have to have qualified for (a) weekly Preliminary Round(s).
    3. Players who qualified for a seat in the Final Round are not eligible to win the wildcard drawing(s).
    4. The wildcard drawing(s) will be held in the tournament area and participants will have three (3) minutes to appear with their player’s card and valid photo I.D. upon the announcement of their name to claim their seat. If a drawn participant does not claim within three (3) minutes, drawings will continue until each available seat is claimed. Management reserves the right to have multiple wild card drawings and reserves the right to pick more than one (1) wildcard, based on tournament size.
    5. The Final Round will not commence until all wildcard drawings are complete.
  2. The Final Round will begin at approximately 1:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 23, 2019: Participants in the Final Round will draw seat assignments at the table where the Final Round will be played. The Final Round is played at one (1) table, and will begin at approximately 1:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 23, 2019, or upon the completion of the wildcard drawings. Players with a seat in the Final Round are required to report to his/her assigned seat at least five (5) minutes prior to the start of the round.
    1. Tournament chips accumulated in the earlier rounds will not count towards the Final Round points.
    2. Each finalist will receive ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in non-value tournament chips for the Final Round, which will consist of a maximum of fourteen (14) rounds of play.
    3. The last hand of the Final Round will consist of a secret bet.
    4. The total value of tournament chips accumulated during the Final Round will determine the player’s position in the prize pool.
    5. Players in the Final Round can equally share the prize pool if all Final Round players agree to the split.
  1. Prize Structure:

1st Place:              Four thousand eight hundred dollars ($4,800) cash

2nd Place:             Two thousand dollars ($2,000) cash

3rd Place:              One thousand dollars ($1,000) cash

4th Place:              Eight hundred dollars ($800) cash

5th Place:              Six hundred fifty dollars ($650) cash

6th Place:              Five hundred dollars ($500) cash

7th Place:              Two hundred fifty dollars ($250) cash

Total Prizes:       Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) cash


Rules of the Game:

  1. The Preliminary Round and Final Rounds will consist of fourteen (14) hands, with a chip countdown after the thirteenth (13th) hand for the Final Round.
  2. Dealers shall use a standard six (6)-deck shoe throughout the tournament. Each shoe will be dealt down to the yellow cut card and the hand in progress will be finished. Cards will be reshuffled and play will continue if the designated number of hands have not been played. Cards will be dealt face up. Players may not touch cards. During the Preliminary Rounds, all bets are placed using a rotating marker starting in spot one and rotating clockwise around the table for each additional hand; cards are dealt and all action is taken according to a standard blackjack game (spots one (1) – six (6), in order). In the Final Round, in addition to the rotating marker for bet placement, a rotating deal will be used through the same marker that is moved from one (1) spot to the next each hand. The player on the dealers left, spot one (1), will be dealt to first on the very first hand, as in a normal round of Blackjack play. The marker is then moved to the second spot, and after bet placement is completed, the dealer deals that spot first. All action for each hand begins with the player that was dealt their cards first (the player with the marker), including the placing of wagers. The marker chip will be moved to the next player after each hand of play.
  3. Players may play only one (1) spot. If a player needs to leave the table for any reason, the minimum bet will be forfeited for each hand missed. A player cannot place any chips in, behind, or on top of another person’s circle.
  4. Players must play every hand and bet on their hand when it’s their turn. The minimum bet is one hundred (100) points with an unlimited maximum per hand and bets must be made in one hundred (100) point increments, except for insurance bets and the final fourteenth (14th) hand.
  5. All bets must be placed in the circle in one (1) move. Once the player’s hand leaves their bet, it cannot be changed. All bets are made with non-value tournament chips only. A player must act on their wager/decision within one (1) minute. The supervisor may give a ten (10) second countdown at the one (1) minute mark. If the player does not act at that time they will forfeit that hand and be required to submit the minimum bet. Repeated violations of the time rules may result in the player being disqualified.
  6. All tournament chips must be separated by denomination and kept in clear view for all players to see. Players shall not play with or unnecessarily touch their tournament chips.
  7. When a dealer calls for insurance, the player must wave off their hand if they do not want to take insurance when it is their turn. Once the player waves off or takes insurance, the decision of the player is final and cannot be changed.
  8. Once the player completes the hand, they must wave off the dealer. Once the dealer is waved off, the hand is final.
  9. Secret Bet: On the final hand in the Final Round, a player may make a secret bet. The secret bet will be written on a secret bet card initiated by the player and placed faced down in the betting area. Once each secret bet is placed, the tournament supervisor will verify the secret bet card attesting that the bet is legible and meets the table requirements (table minimum and any amount if the player has enough chips to cover the bet). Once each player’s secret bet has been verified, the secret bet cards will be revealed and chips equal to the secret bet amount will be placed in the circles before the cards are dealt.
  10. Players in the Final Round can equally share the prize pool if all Final Round players agree to the split.
  11. At the end of the round, the dealer will count down each player’s chips in order from seat one (1) to seat seven (7) and the tournament supervisor will record the chip count on the Player Tracking Form.
  12. Before any player leaves the table, they must verify their score is correct, unless they leave with nothing.
  13. All non-value tournament chips must be returned to the table at the end of the session.
  14. Friendly conversation is permitted during all rounds, but coaching is NOT allowed. Communication between players and spectators is not permitted.
  15. Split any pair two (2) times for a total of three (3) hands. Aces may be split only once (1) for a total of two (2) hands. Split Aces draw only one (1) card per Ace. Split wagers must be equal.
  16. Doubling down is permitted where the player, on any first two (2) cards except a point total of twenty-one (21), can place an additional amount up to their original wager with the stipulation that they receive only one (1) additional card.
  17. No surrender option is available in the tournament.
  18. No dealer toke wagers may be placed during play. Tokes are accepted at the end of the round with either cash or value chips.
  19. The player with the highest seat number will cut the cards at the beginning of a session. The player dealt the cut card during a session will make the cut if the cards are reshuffled.
  20. If a player has less than the minimum bet remaining for any hand other than the final one (1) of the round, the player is eliminated from play.
  21. All protests must be brought to the attention of the tournament supervisor immediately and must be settled before any player leaves the table. In all cases, the decision of the tournament manager is final.
  22. The procedures set forth in Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady’s rules of games submission pertaining to Blackjack will prevail over any situation not covered in the tournament rules.

Location: Van Slyck’s